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Step inside...

       /\     _   \%&&%%&%
      /  \___/^\___\%&%%&&
      |  | []   [] |%\Y&%'
      |  |   .-.   | || 
         `""") )"""`

The floor creaks as you step inside of the old . Your eyes begin to adjust to the soft rays of yellow light streaming through the dusty windows. The smell of wafts through the room and reminds you of something familiar. A warm feeling spreads through your chest.

A purring cat rubs itself against your legs. You see an overstuffed armchair in the corner; its edges are tattered, you suppose, by the claws of that same cat. You take a seat and close your eyes.

You think you'll stay awhile.

Five cats sit around a table. In the center of the table is a dish with food on it and a single candle. One cat is wearing a Hello Kitty hat. It looks like the cats are performing a seance.

Site log

June 02, 2024 > Created a Blog section, and posted a personal essay: This ONE WEIRD TRICK has changed my life.

June 01, 2024 > Added link to new guestbook (RIP 123guestbook) and updated the library with recent reads. I am working on an essay/blog-type-thing I will hopefully post soon :>

March 10, 2024 > Added a Rooms page, and tidied up some other areas of the site.

March 04, 2024 > I have updated the theme switcher code so that there's less of a flash when you change pages. This may not reflect immediately so if you'd like to test the change immediately, use CTRL+SHIFT+R to clear your cache of the old script.

March 01, 2024 > A site is born.