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Hello! This is April. I live here.

I'm going to try listing several topics on the same page, so to make it less overwhelming the sections are hidden until you reveal them.


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Name: April

Full Name: April M. Theses

Pronouns: she/her

An animation of the flag of Argentina LUMALAKAS! LUMALAWAK! LUMALABAN! ANAKBAYAN!

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I met October a couple of years ago when I was exploring and learning about Neocities. My first impression of her was that she was annoying, but fortunately not too annoying - not more than the average Neocities person. As the days went by I noticed how much effort she was putting into building her website and I immediately recognized her as a hard worker. I felt compelled to help her in any way that I could, thinking that at the very least I could keep her company and encourage her to keep going.

I got to know October as a very kind, highly empathetic human being. She is perceptive, observant, thoughtful, and the absolute best listener I have ever met. Truthfully, though, as ridiculous as it seems, my incredibly gay feelings for her only started when I discovered that she enjoyed latine music - there was probably something deeply subconscious going on with that. Anyway in summary I do believe meeting her was an event of astronomical probability, and now we live together.

As for me, I don't ever really feel like talking or writing about myself. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to have multiple people host personal websites in the same domain - which would make the whole domain a social website - but I just don't feel like building a personal website for various reasons, primarily that I can no longer morally justify spending the time or effort on it. Instead, as a compromise, I decided to try having a dedicated area within October's website (as long as she's cool with it). It may lead to something interesting and creative, plus working alone isn't very fun.

I don't know how often this area will be expanded or improved - if ever - or what kinds of things may show up, but I'll be here.

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