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Last updated: 04 Feb 2021


  • Information Mesh
    AA web platform celebrating the internet, exploring social, technical, cultural and legal facts through interactive timelines.
  • Smiley Lore
    A history of smileys on the internet.
  • The History of the Web
    A timeline of the history of the web.
  • The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier (1992)
    A book covering the history of hacker subculture in the early 1990s.
  • Modern Web

    Relating to or reflecting upon the state of the current web.

  • Making a New Path Through Social Media
    A blog post about navigating social media.
  • Dark Patterns
    A short description of how modern websites manipulate us.
  • Design for an Entrance to the Internet
    Open provocations for a means to critically question the personal, social, economic, political and aesthetic implications of accessing the internet.
  • Rethinking Email
    A summary of problems with the existing email system, such as spam, scam, surveillance, insecurity, centralization and complexity.
  • Exploring how to be online in radical ways
    Discusses the peer-to-peer web, the current state of self-publishing and the future of the internet.
  • From My to Me
    A thoughtful essay on the internet and how it has changed.
  • Web of Documents
    An essay on the internet and how it has shifted from documents to applications.
  • Rediscovering the beauty of text on the internet
    An article about the beauty and value of text on the internet.
  • Turing Complete User
    An essay that discusses the disappearance of the computer and the Invisible User.
  • The Slow Web
    An essay about the concept of a slower web.
  • Don't Make Art for Likes: Social Media Pros and Cons
    The pros and cons of social media.
  • From context collapse to content collapse
    An essay about context collapse in modern social media - "an infinite number of contexts collapsing upon one another into that single moment of recording. The images, actions, and words captured by the lens at any moment can be transported to anywhere on the planet and preserved (the performer must assume) for all time"
  • Context collapse and context restoration
    An essay on context collapse and context restoration, "because Facebook feeds on personal sharing the way a vampire feeds on blood"
  • Net Art

  • Net Art Anthology
    The history of net art from the '80s to the '10s.
    An interactive net art project about social media.
    A gallery of net art created over the pandemic quarantine.
  • Old Web Design

    Web design in the '90s and '00s

  • Old Web Design
    A collection of galleries with intact screenshots of '90s and '00s web design.
  • Art of Geocities
    A gallery of Geocities screenshots and old 3D art.
  • Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute
    An online community dedicated to archiving nostalgic aesthetics.
  • Web Design Museum (1991-2006)
    Over 2,000 sorted websites showing web design trends from '96 to '06.
  • Vernacular Web 2
    An essay about the old web creative web design.