Links (updated 1/2)

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A collection of useful and interesting links & resources.

Visual Art

    A collaborative painting tool
  • AutoDraw
    A drawing tool with the option to correct your shapes into clip-art
  • Cheap Freedom
    An online visual art museum open to anyone
  • cinni's oekaki board
    an old-school style oekaki board where you can share sketches
  • Inspirograph
    Create spirograph art in your browser
  • JS Paint
    Microsoft Paint in your browser - with Javascript
  • KidPix
    Relive your childhood with a browser-based KidPix app
  • NoPaint
    If you like what you see, click on "Paint", or else click "No"
  • Photopea
    An in-browser Photoshop clone
  • Vertex Meadow
    An in-browser tool to create your own 3D world, from scratch or from a 2D image
  • Discovery (find cool websites!)

    These are others' curated directories. I do not necessarily condone every link on every directory, as I cannot track every individual directory. Browse at your own risk and reach out if you see anything concerning!

  • AcidJaw's Links We Like
    A collection of links organized by the folks at Neozones
  • Cybervenus' Directory
    A list of links compiled in a SpaceHey blog by user cybervenus
  • Gossip's Web
    A categorized directory of user-submitted handmade websites from around the web
  •'s Bookmarks
    A collection of categorized websites, mostly tech-related
  • likehome's Links
    A list of links from around the web
  • HREF Hunt
    A monthly roundup of neat sites discovered round the web
    A directory of categorized interesting & unique links
  • Marjin's Linkroll
    A tagged collection of hypertext curiosities
  • Num's Links
    A (somewhat) categorized list of interesting links
  • Peelopaalu's Link Directory
    An unsorted link collection of interesting and retro websites (no longer maintained)
  • rabidroden's links
    A collection of categorized links to fun and interesting websites
  • Terra's Directory
    Cool sites, straight from earth (tagged)
  • Virtual Vault
    A directory of links to interesting and weird websites, lots of old sites here
  • youtuube's Websites
    A categorized list of websites
  • Education

  • Crush Capitalism
    An informative website about the impacts of capitalism.
  • Emotional Labor
    A comprehensive archive of a Metafilter thread about emotional labor
  • Mental Models
    A list of mental models for making intelligent decisions
  • Untools
    Tools for decision making and problem solving
  • masterWiki
    Stolen from MasterClass, republished as wikiHow
  • Fun

    A browser-based Beatmania-like rhythm game
  • Moon Rider
    A free browser-based Beatsaber alternative that works with Quest VR!
  • Solitr
    A browser-based game of solitaire, spider solitaire, mahjongg and sudoku.
  • Taiko Web
    A Taiku no Tatsujin simulator that works in your browser, plus you can play with friends without registration
  • Tarot-o-Bot
    A bot that reads your tarot cards
  • WebGBCam
    A browser tool to make your webcam look like a Gameboy Camera
    A reimagining of golf using words
  • Internet Library

  • Internet Library
    A directory of links about the internet
  • Language-Learning Resources

  • Anki
    A free open-source intelligent flashcard app for all platforms
  • Advanced Anki Setup Guide
    A detailed guide for setting up and configuring Anki for optimal learning
  • Clozemaster
    A Duolingo-like web app for learning various world languages
  • r/languagelearning's Resource List
    A large list of resources for various languages
  • Simple Translate
    A browser extension that allows you to translate a word by highlighting it
  • Tatoeba
    A site that randomly generates a sentence in a target language and its translation (addictive!)

  • Techniques

  • Passive Listening by Tatsumoto
  • Word Webs & Complementary Pairs/Sets by LetsLearnTogether
  • Mental Health

  • Self-Care as Radical Liberation
    A guide for better self-care
  • Emotional Codes
    Tools for processing emotions
  • Feelu Mood Wheel
    An interactive mood wheel, to help identify how you're feeling
  • Here//&Now
    An intimate, webspace for digital mediation through prompted daily reflections
  • Gentle Earth
    Vent anonymously
  • ASMRion
    ASMR Generator with various sound effects
  • A Soft Murmur
    Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
  • Purrli
    Listen to HD cat purrs as background noise
  • RainbowHunt
    Listen to calming rain sounds with adjustable sliders
    Tune into forests around the world (imagery and sound effects)
  • Vibe Ocean
    Ocean noise and ambient sounds generator
  • myNoise
    A comprehensive background noise generator
  • Music

  • Music Map
    A map of music genres with descriptions and information about their history
  • Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People
    A collection of music theory PDFs
    Honestly one of the best interactive music theory sites out there
  • Music Making
  • Autochords
    A tool to generate chord progressions with a specific mood
  • Citizen DJ Labs
    A collection of public domain music for hip-hop creators
  • Donkey Kong Country Soundfonts
    A collection of soundfonts from the DKC games you can use to make music with
  • Jummbox
    A tool to make chiptune and other music in your browser
  • Sampulator
    A Garage-Band style sequencer for your browser
  • Webmastery

  • Webmaster Links
    a whole directory of website-building resources.