Webmaster links
A collection of resources to help you build and maintain your own website.


  • a11y's Color Contrast Tool
    A tool that scans your website and points out poor color contrast that could make your text difficult to read
  • A Field Guide to Web Accessibility
    An informative guide about web accessibility
  • Lilac Lynx's Responsive Web Guide
    Guide to make your site responsive
  • How to make your website responsive
    A guide I created on making responsive sites
  • WAVE Web Accessibility Tool
    A tool that will scan any website and give suggestions about how to make it accessible
  • W3's Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List
    A huge list of tools that assist in helping create accessible websites
  • Archival / Download

    Archiving your site periodically is important!

  • DownThemAll
    Extension to allow you to download all of the images on a page
  • HTTrack
    Software for Windows/Linux that will crawl and locally archive a website for you
  • TumblThree
    Download entire archives of Tumblr blogs
  • Single File
    A browser extension that will save an entire website locally as a .html file
  • Domains

    Do not use Bluehost

  • PorkBun
    Cheap domains with free domain privacy and email forwarding
  • Flair

  • Blog-Switch
    Cute falling object codes for your site
  • GifyPet
    A pet for your website
  • SCM Player
    A music player that automatically loads across of your website pages
  • WebsiteOut
    Free counter for your site
  • Webneko
    Add an interactive kitty to your webpage
  • Fonts

  • BitFontMaker2
    A bitmap font editor/maker in your browser.
  • Tiny Bitmap Fonts
    A page with downloads for tiny bitmap fonts
  • Sadgrl's Found Fonts
    Previews and downloads of free-to-use fonts
  • Graphics & Fonts

  • ACA 80x15 Web Badge Maker
    A web badge maker
  • Backgrounds Archive
    An archive of old tiled backgrounds
  • Blinkie
    Create your own blinkies
  • BitFontMaker2
    A bitmap font editor/maker in your browser.
  • BoodleBox
    Fake ads to use on your page
  • The Corporation
    More fake ads to use on your page
  • EZ Gif
    Create & edit gifs
  • FlamingText
    Generate word art
  • Gifcities
    A keyword-searchable collection of old gifs archived from Geocities
  • Kawaii Sozai Graphics
    A huge directory of pixel art websites
  • Make Word Art
    Generate Microsoft Office-esque word art
  • GIFy Pet
    Create a cute pet for your webpage
  • Internet Bumper Stickers
    A collection of internet bumper stickers
  • PhotoMosh
    Add glitchy and retro effects to photos and gifs
  • Remove.bg
    Upload an image and this tool will remove the background
  • Repeater
    Make your own tiled backgrounds
  • Sadgrl's 88x31 Button Maker
    88x31 button maker in your browser
  • SubtlePatterns
    Free background patterns
  • SVG Composite Patterns
    A collection of SVG composite patterns
  • Tiny Bitmap Fonts
    A page with downloads for tiny bitmap fonts
  • Web Badges World
    A huge collection of web badges to display on your site
  • Hosting

    Do not use Bluehost

  • Cheap VPS Host Masterlist
    A list of some of the cheapest VPS hosting available
  • Leprd.Space
    A free webserver with PHP & SQL databases, for hobbyists
  • TinyKVM
    Very small, cheap KVM host

  • CodePen
    A live editor that shows you HTML/CSS changes as you make them in real time
  • Construct Your CSS
    Visually create your layout and generate the code
  • CSSLayout.io
    CSS pre-made layout patterns
  • FeedRoll's RSS Viewer
    Display an RSS feed in plaintext on your website with optional styling
  • HTML Cheatsheet
    A handy reference sheet when using HTML
  • HTML Generator
    Generate the markup for lists, tables, links, images and more
  • Learn @ Sadgrl.online
    A blog with various HTML/CSS and Neocities-specific tutorials
  • Liveweave SVG Editor
    A tool to create vector art (SVGs)
  • RV's free JavaScript/DHTML effects
    A collection of JavaScript effects that still work
  • WebGuide
    A good beginner's guide to HTML & CSS
  • Word to HTML
    Paste in formatted text and generate it into HTML
  • Layouts

  • Sadgrl's Layout Builder
    Build a custom layout, no coding required
  • Sadgrl's Layouts
    Some layouts I made, free to use.
  • Codesharing
    Huge collection of layouts, not all work with Neocities sites (e.g., are LJ themes, etc.)
  • EggRamen
    Free layouts you can copy!
  • Templaterr
    Premade layouts and useful site codes

  • Anime / Old School
  • LovelyD
    Old school anime layouts
  • Celestial Star
    More old school anime layouts
  • ThemeKings
    Classic 00s layouts

  • Modern
  • TooPlate

  • Other
  • boxboxhtml
    An easy visual solution to build your own layout and export it to HTML
  • CSSLayout.io Patterns
    CSS pre-made layout patterns
  • Website Metrics

    Get stats about your site

  • GoatCounter
    Free website analytics tool that doesn't track personal data
  • Link-Assistant Backlink Analysis
    If you put in your URL, this will give you a list of websites that have linked to you
  • Optimization

    This generally means cleaning up your code, making your site load faster, and improving your website

  • CSS Beautify
    CSS formatter
  • Dead Link Checker
    This tool will scan your website and tell you if it finds broken links. Some false positives but they are pretty obvious.
  • GTmetrix
    This site will scan your website's performance (how fast it loads, etc)
  • JS/CSS Minifier
    Minify your JS and CSS code to make your website load more quickly
  • PurifyCSS Online
    This tool scans your site and "cleans" your CSS by removing unused code and condensing existing code. Using the new code also lightens the size of the CSS file
  • W3C Markup Validation Service
    This tool scans a website to ensure it's following HTML validation standards
  • W3C CSS Validation Service
    This tool scans a website to ensure it's following CSS validation standards
  • Website Carbon Calculator
    Estimate your website's carbon footprint
  • Sitebuilders

    No-code website builders.

  • straw.page
    Highly customizable website builder that works on mobile
  • mmm.page
    Drag and drop page builder
  • hotglue.me
    Another cool drag and drop page builder